How To Prolong The Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Follow these tips to prolong the life of your lithium-ion batteries:

  • For brand new batteries, it is important to charge them completely before you use the cell phone, laptop, or other electronic. This “teaches” the battery the extent of the charge.
  • To prolong the life of a lithium-ion battery that sees a lot of use, like a laptop or cell phone, it’s better to charge it often for short periods of time (one to two hours) instead of charging it from a near dead state each time.
  • While short charges are best, it is important to let the battery drain completely and then fully charge around once a month. This help maintain good battery health.
  • It’s very detrimental to a lithium-ion battery if you use the device while it’s charging. This makes the battery overheat, which lowers a li-ion battery’s lifespan.
  • If possible, use a charger with a lower voltage rating. While this will charge more slowly, it will charge at a lower temperature, preserving the battery.

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About Common Printer issues

Below are about common printer issues:

1. Check you have got the proper ink or toner.
Your printer has been gayly printing for a ages and suddenly once you place in your new cartridges it does not work from now on. certify you have got purchased the right ink cartridges or toner for your printer. generally offers or printers are often slightly confusing.

2. Paper Jams. Check your printer
Sometimes the slightest rip in your paper or some dirt has aggregative on the rollers will cause the sensors to make a paper jam warning. Most printers ar terribly accessible, therefore simply uncover you printer fastidiously take away the paper from the receptacle and therefore the cartridge out of the carriage, use a moist material to wash the dirt off the printer till you’re happy you have got removed the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. Check the within and back of the printer till you’re positive you cannot realize any paper or detritus. flip the printer off for thirty seconds, the once back on, the reload the paper and print.

3. once was the last time you updated your printer driver?
Printers like ink cartridges and toner ar perpetually dynamic  and change, some printers could prompt you to update them or older ones you will have to be compelled to do manually. If you are unsure what driver you will want, move to your printer manufacturer’s web site and appearance for your printer, the motive force are listed on the web site. {make positive|confirm|certify|ensure|make certain|check that} you copy the previous driver if you’ll be able to on your laptop simply to form sure if putting in the new printer driver does not work, then you’ll be able to simply put in the previous one that you simply have secured.

4. Check your ink or toner cartridges.
OK you have got exhausted a number of options; perhaps it’s simply the ink or toner cartridge that you simply have purchase ninety nine of o.e.m or original cartridges such work 1st time if you have got the right one put in. If you choose for the massively cheaper recycled ink cartridges or compatible version, they ought to ninety nine of the time work additionally, but you will have a lot of problems as they’re not factory-made by the printers manufacturer, therefore you will encounter errors like ‘not a compatible cartridge’, ‘low ink warnings’, these ar all common and most are often unheeded therefore do not panic. If you are unsure and one in all your cartridges includes a fault, most respectable firms provide excellent support with printing FAQ’s and tests you’ll be able to do. they ought to then be able to replace your faulty cartridge, providing you’re at intervals the T&C’s.

5. Check the age of your printer, it’s going to be cost accounting you over you think that.
How long have you ever had your printer? If it’s associate workplace inkjet it’s going to be exhausted, if it is a home printer and you have got had it for over five years, it’s going to be time for associate upgrade. within the time you have got had your printer, technology has enraptured on in terms of ink and printing. Your ink cartridges become dearer as it’s tougher to urge hold of them. Most printers ar out there on smart offers if you time it right, if you are unsure what printer to urge, simply have a glance around for reviews, bear in mind your last printer lasted for over five years, therefore times your investment by range of years. as an example you are willing to pay £20 for a replacement printer, times that by five, your budget ought to be around £100, that is over enough for a good dead one or inkjet printer as they will be purchased an honest level of around £60.

99% off issues are solved  by turning the printer off then unplugging the printer from the mains, this disconnects the ability and resets the printer, and you’ll even go and build yourself a cup of tea or occasional, come and switch it back on and try printing, this might even work a treat.

Finally, if you have got exhausted all choices, check the consultants, if the consultants price an excessive amount of, it’s going to be easier simply to shop for a replacement printer.